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The beauty of Eastern Europe - Lithuania !

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Work often gives you travel opportunities that you don't get otherwise because when you travel as a family, you have to think about everyone's travel list. One such wonderful travel opportunity was Lithuania.

I spent a couple of weeks in Lithuania and I can tell how beautify this country is and how warm the people there are. Some of the "Must Do" things I did there were: a city tour by bus in Vilnius, a visit to their TV tower and the roof top restaurant, a visit to one of the most beautiful town called Trakai which also has a well known place in the middle of lake galve called Trakai Island Castle.

Being an Indian, no matter how much I experiment with different global cuisines, I still look for Indian restaurants. I must it is hard to find many in Vilnius but there was one very good restaurant very close to my hotel and it was called "Sues Indian Raja". While I stilled missed Indian food even after eating there but getting something that close was a luxury. Knowing it was outside India, I would give them 4/5 for food taste, 5/5 for service and 5/5 for the location and ambience.

One place which I can never forget to mention from Lithuania was one of their restaurants in Trakai and I must say it was a luxury place by all means. Everything about that place was just "THE BEST". The name of the restaurant is "Apvalaus Stalo Klubas" and it can be too heavy on your pockets but if you are not on a budget trip, you can't miss this place. The food they served was mouth watering and I had never before eaten something like that before. I don't remember all that I ate but from what I remember, I had boletus soup, deconstructed apple pie, triple face trout

I visited Vilnius around Feb when the temperature was about 2-5 degrees and people mentioned it was warmer than the previous years. The best thing one can do there is explore the city by walk. You won't enjoy much if you are driving around. Try some of those nice and quiet coffee shops in the cold. While I have called out and written only about the key places, I went to a lot of food joints and you can see the pictures in my article and also in the photo gallery. Do share your thoughts if you find this useful.


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