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The best Paya Soup in town

Forget bademiyan and ayubs: My love for mutton always takes me to Colaba, South Mumbai but I must admit, that's not always practical as I live in Navi Mumbai. Not long ago a friend of mine mentioned this small little outlet in Seawoods, Navi Mumbai, called Nanu Paya for some yummy non-vegetarian food. So, I decided to give it a try.

Guess what- they serve the best Paya Soup in town. I repeat - THE BEST PAYA Soup in town. They make it live infant of you as per your taste buds and their half bowl of soup is enough for one foodie person like me. But this is not all, you can't not have their Beja masala Fry and Beja Kheema masala. They are the only outlet till date who made me forget Bade-Miyans and Ayubs of the world. Take a look:

The only drawback I found here was that they don't serve the food in your car but the owner of this place is so humble that he will make it ready enough for you to pick it and take it to the car. He himself is found in the kitchen checking the quality of cooking and sometimes cooking him self. Take a look at their prices in the photos that I have shared but if you ask me, I didn't find it expensive. I am so glad there is such a joint in Navi Mumbai as Bade-Miyan and Ayubs have major service issues.

Give it a try !

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Waqar Ahmad
Waqar Ahmad
11 janv.

it truly looks delicious

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