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Food that's got life - Amritsari Kulcha !

Being a punjabi, I naturally feel connected to the #northindian food. In my recent solo trip to Amritsar, I decided to go to the places which are famous for tourists. The one I could find easily was Brothers Dhaba.

You should know that there are two such dhabas Brothers Dhaba and Bharawan da dhaba (Both mean the same). Earlier there used to be just one i.e. Bharawan da dhaba run by two brothers. Later, older one decided to start another restaurant which is now called Brothers dhaba but equally famous.

For those who don't know what Amritsar Kulcha is, it is a North Indian bread stuffed with various stuffings like potato, spices, cottage cheese and then well baked on an iron plate and served with loads of butter, curd, pickle, Chole (Chick peas).

Amritsar Kulche are to die for and having them at brothers dhaba was certainly the right choice. Generally one is enough to make our tummy full but again North Indians have a magical appetite and can go for more :) Loved the food but the only missing point was the white butter. They served the packaged Amul butter cube which makes the whole deal less authentic. If given an opportunity, I will try to have it in one of those street food stalls.

Where would you eat the Amritsar Kulcha?

  • On the street

  • A famous restaurant



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