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Beauty Secrets Pure Acetone Msds Sheets

If the EU. banned it, it must be bad. The United States FDA and EPA cannot be trusted. They permit toxic chemicals (acetone, etc.) in dryer sheets and laundry detergents/softeners that don't have to be listed on the label. Why hide this info. from the public if these ingredients aren't dangerous?! I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which in essense, is a nervous system and neurological disorder. Why would I risk using Phenoxyethanol, even in low doses, if it is a central nervous system depressant? I'd have to be crazy!! Studies show it's toxicity at low doses according to this article. Glycol esters? These are found in jet fuels. Please, no thanks. Acetal aldehydes (carcinogenic). Again, no thanks. People need to stop being duped by companies who will try to get away with anything for money.

Beauty Secrets Pure Acetone Msds Sheets



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