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GTA Online Properties Database: All Properties, Locations & Prices

There's plenty of places in the game where you can find film props, for this guide we'll focus on the properties listed in the game as movie sets, and are aware that other props can have multiple purpose such as the drugs vial. For the most part, all of these props are located in story mode and require a different method of operation than the rest, so we'll leave that out of this guide.

gta 5 prop list

Films are accessed through the films menu using the "" list of films you have unlocked "" menu option. The first movie to feature in the game is ""Elvis Drives Away Santa Claus"" and the oldest film that can be accessed is ""Satin and Satire"" from 1970. The first film prop to appear in the game is ""Supermarket Bag"" and the first prop you can actually collect for storage is ""Cake Box"" from 1982. If you never unlock all of the films in the game, you are unable to access the films and the game wont let you collect the props in the first place.

You can get the film props by selecting ""Film Prop Collection\New Weapon"" (need to keep the ending spaces) on the main map, and selecting the first film ""Elvis Drives Away Santa Claus"" on the movie prop screen. This gives you an opportunity to select the second film ""Supermarket Bag"" to begin collecting all ten props. This should happen automatically, if not, use the "Watch for Available Objects" setup menu to turn this on. Players have reported that there are no vehicles to collect in some areas of the game, so if you are unable to find one you can use the ""Search for /vehicle"" menu and enter the "Search for Car" vehicle search, which will search for a vehicle in the search map, and returns in a while if one is found. The player in the video above used the search function to find a vehicle, and he was able to collect the ""Cake Box"" movie prop.


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