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Angel Howard
Angel Howard

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This becomes even more important when modernizing and migrating legacy database applications to Couchbase. erwin Data Modeler documents, in detail, the highly normalized RDBMS schema and automates the denormalization and retargeting of schema to Couchbase.

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erwin Data Modeler extends the design, documentation and engineering support for all the major RDBMSs as well as NoSQL databases, with the ability to share, reuse and convert models from one platform to another. In addition, erwin Data Intelligence and its integration with erwin Data Modeler enables harvesting of metadata from all major database platforms and integrates with enterprise ETL/ELT solutions like Talend, Informatica and many others.

While erwin Data Modeler enables the conversion and denormalization of data models, erwin Data Intelligence allows you to accelerate the design and development of ETL jobs required to move the data from legacy DBMSs to Couchbase by providing detailed specifications of the source and target structures and their related metadata early in the migration lifecycle. This provides organizations the ability to migrate both the structure and instance data more efficiently and accurately, resulting in faster time to success.

Couchbase delivers foundational capabilities to provide enterprises with a credible alternative to rigid RDBMS structures. Together with erwin Data Modeler and erwin Data Intelligence, you embark on your database migration journey with confidence by bridging the gap between the old and new.

Test procedures for accelerated stress-corrosion testing of high-strength aluminum alloys faster and provide more quantitative information than traditional pass/fail tests. Method uses data from tests on specimen sets exposed to corrosive environment at several levels of applied static tensile stress for selected exposure times then subsequently tensile tested to failure. Method potentially applicable to other degrading phenomena (such as fatigue, corrosion fatigue, fretting, wear, and creep) that promote development and growth of cracklike flaws within material.

This project aims to understand how radiation accelerates corrosion of reactor core materials. The combination of high temperature, chemically aggressive coolants, a high radiation flux and mechanical stress poses a major challenge for the life extension of current light water reactors, as well as the success of most all GenIV concepts. Of these four drivers, the combination of radiation and corrosion places the most severe demands on materials, for which an understanding of the fundamental science is simply absent. Only a few experiments have been conducted to understand how corrosion occurs under irradiation, yet the limited data indicates that themore effect is large; irradiation causes order of magnitude increases in corrosion rates. Without a firm understanding of the mechanisms by which radiation and corrosion interact in film formation, growth, breakdown and repair, the extension of the current LWR fleet beyond 60 years and the success of advanced nuclear energy systems are questionable. The proposed work will address the process of irradiation-accelerated corrosion that is important to all current and advanced reactor designs, but remains very poorly understood. An improved understanding of the role of irradiation in the corrosion process will provide the community with the tools to develop predictive models for in-reactor corrosion, and to address specific, important forms of corrosion such as irradiation assisted stress corrosion cracking. less


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