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Apartment 1303

Apartment 1303 3D is a 2012 supernatural horror film directed by Michael Taverna. The US-Canadian co-production is an English-language remake of the 2007 Japanese film Apartment 1303, which in turn is an adaptation of the novel Apartment 1303 by Japanese author Kei Ôishi. The film stars Mischa Barton, Rebecca De Mornay and Julianne Michelle. The film officially went into production in Montreal in early November 2011.[3] The film was released theatrically in Russia on December 6, 2012.[4] In the United States, the film was released on the VOD platform on June 17, 2013, followed by a theatrical release on July 25, 2013.[5]

Apartment 1303

Janet is shaken by the strange events that are happening preferring to stay late at the office rather than return to apartment 1303. She calls her sister, Lara, to ask if she can return home but Lara informs her this would be a bad idea as their mother is having another "drunk psycho rant". Janet suggests going to a hotel but this is quickly dismissed as Lara is not able to pay for it. Janet then calls Mark who is back in town, who agrees to check in on her. Later that night, Janet is awoken by strange supernatural elements in the apartment but unfortunately Mark is no longer around. An invisible ghost possesses Janet leading to her own depression and suicide. Her sister, Lara, later arrives to gather the possessed Janet's belongings and begins to experience the same terrors.

A detective that was on the case talks to Lara, who believes Janet was murdered. The detective agrees since he's been investigating mysterious suicides with other tenants. Lara discovers the name of the first tenant from 20 years back, Jennifer Logan. The detective tells Lara the sad story of what happened to Jennifer. At the age of 12, she moved into apartment 1303 with her mother, Mary, a respectable school teacher and recently divorced. For the first few years in the apartment, they lived in peace and Mary was a loving mother to Jennifer.

However, the peace was shattered when Mary lost her job as a teacher during a dispute with a parent in a parent-teacher conference. She found work as a prostitute to pay for the apartment, became an alcoholic and brutally abused Jennifer. This leads to Jennifer murdering Mary and burying her in a built in closet. Soon neighbors complained about the smell of the apartment, causing the police and the health department to investigate. By the time they got to the apartment to confront Jennifer, she had already committed suicide by jumping out the window and the police found the decomposed body of Mary. In the years that followed, more tenants were thought to have committed suicide with Janet being the most recent one.

While taking a bath, Lara gets a cryptic warning from Janet to leave the apartment and never come back. However, another dispute with Maddie has Lara moving into the same apartment and ignoring Janet's warning. Jennifer soon arrives and kills Mark by throwing him out the window. Horrified, Lara tries to escape the apartment complex to avoid Jennifer trying to kill her and stay away from the complex for good. However, she catches Emily and the landlord, O'Neill in front of her. He finally reveals the truth to Lara about his daughter, Emily's fate. A year after apartment 1303 was cleaned, they moved in and became Jennifer's first victims.

Lara learns that O'Neill, Emily along with Janet and the previous victims had been trying to warn others to never move into apartment 1303 to no avail. When Jennifer starts to close in on her, Lara grabs a knife to try to defend herself. As Maddie tries to talk some sense to Lara, Jennifer pushes her towards the knife and kills her. Just before she can finish the job to kill Lara, the police arrive and Jennifer disappears. Lara is arrested for both Maddie and Mark's murder and is taken away to be booked. As the sun rises, Jennifer is last seen sitting on the same spot where she committed suicide: an unseen warning of what happens when anyone moves into apartment 1303.

Justin Chang of Variety called the film an "inept and derivative tale" that is not unintentionally funny enough to be "so bad it's good".[7] Frank Scheck of The Hollywood Reporter wrote, "This non-starter horror film, inexplicably released in 3D, won't haunt theaters for very long."[8] Shawn Macomber of Fangoria rated it 1/4 stars and wrote, "The movie exhibits the germ of something that could potentially be a lot of fun on Saturday night basic cable. Problem is, its higher aspirations are a gauntlet thrown in the way of a deviously barmy romp."[9] Gareth Jones of Dread Central rated it 0.5/5 stars and wrote, "Bereft of interesting characters, dialogue, acting ability, scares, visual aplomb or much of anything else, Apartment 1303 is occasionally good for a derogatory laugh, or simply to witness what must be the middle of one serious mire in Rebecca de Mornay's career."[10] Andrew Pollard of Starburst rated it 3/10 stars and wrote that there is "no emotion, no care, no feeling and no reason to watch."[11]

Apartment 1303 (1303号室) is a Japanese horror film, directed by Ataru Oikawa, that revolves around a woman who investigates a series of suicides in her late sister's apartment.[1] Based on Ju-on horror author Kei Ōishi's [ja] original novel.

Living on her own for the first time, Sayaka Midorikawa celebrates with her friends at her new 13th-floor apartment. During the party, she is seen acting strange before jumping to her death from her balcony. A little girl picks up a teddy bear lying near Sayaka's body and says: "There goes another one."

While celebrating with her friends in her new cheaply rented apartment (with balcony and view of the sea) on the thirteenth floor of a building, the young Sayaka unexpectedly jumps off the balcony committing suicide. Her mother goes insane and her older sister, Mariko, decides to investigate the mysterious death of her sister. She finds that there have been many suicides of young women living in apartment 1303. She finds a book telling the tragic story of the Yukiyo and her mother, the first tenants of the apartment and uncovers the truth behind the suicides.

i guess this was fine though? it doesn't do anything shockingly wrong but there aren't many attempts to differentiate itself from the countless other supernatural horror films of this type either. i'm a sucker for apartment/high rise settings but it can only go so far. it being watchable is a step above some other ones in and of itself, i suppose.

The first two acts of Apartment 1303 are extremely derivative of nearly every other J Horror you can think of: Ring, Dark Water, even Exte get nods. But it's Ju On to which it owes most, which is kind of understandable, as writer Kei Ohishi wrote the novelisations of the Ju On films.

Bit weird that he'd cannibalise that, or even be allowed to, but here we are with a haunted apartment that kills off all of the occupants, complete with a spooky closet in the tatami room, a creepy kid showing up at key moments, and a middle aged detective investigating, who can't quite believe all these deaths are coincidences.

Mentre festeggia con le amiche nel suo nuovo appartamento in affitto a buon mercato al tredicesimo piano di un edificio, la giovane Sayaka salta inaspettatamente dal balcone suicidandosi. Sua madre impazzisce e sua sorella maggiore, Mariko, decide di indagare sulla misteriosa morte di sua sorella. Scopre che ci sono stati molti suicidi di giovani donne che vivono nell'appartamento 1303. Trova un libro che racconta la tragica storia di Yukiyo e sua madre, i primi inquilini dell'appartamento.

In Japanese director/co-writer Ataru Oikawa(TOMIE,TOKYO PSYCHO)'s chilling Japanese ghost thriller,a young lady(Noriko Nakagoshi[UNHOLY WOMEN,LESSON OF THE EVIL:PROLOGUE) movies into the same very apartment complex where her sister met a fatal falling death,as she slowly investigate the apartment to learn that it was once the home of a young gal and her abusive mother whose lives took a fatal turn toward their very end,with their spirits lurking around to seek out new victims' live to snare. APARTMENT 1303 works as an effective thriller with Oikawa creating a heavily believable atmosphere of fear and dread as he displays plenty of frightening sequences while getting great performances from his cast and a handful of well directed scenes that help make APARTMENT 1303 a decent horror outing. With Eriko Hatsune(SPIRAL,EMPEROR) and Arata Furuta(SHIN GODZILLA,13 ASSASSINS) as the investigating police detective. It was remade as the extremely terrible 2012 Mischa Barton starring American version.

I've been meaning to get around to Apartment 1303 for sometime now, being as I've owned it for like ten damn years, so this challenge gave me a reason to dig in. For a J-Horror, this film hits all the necessary components with a creepy girl, murder mystery to uncover, and plenty of hair scares, but it's a fairly uneven film that doesn't embrace the aspects that make the genre so fascinating. The opening is a bit cheesy, most of the second act drags as our heroine uncovers the truth, and the third act goes balls out "monster-fied" with its ghost. If anything, Apartment 1303 is an intriguing film for its plot progressions that feel like jack-knife turns, but it's also one that doesn't match up to some of its peers. Fans of the genre will enjoy, most others will find it a bit tedious and cliche.

The first woman to take the plunge (ba-dum-tsh) was named Mary, who after losing her job, became a drunk and a prostitute. When a foul odor began coming from the apartment and health inspectors arrived to investigate- Mary was dead in a closet and her daughter, Jennifer- jumped from the balcony. Uh. Okay? The cop leaves the case files with Lara because, again- why not?

Apartment 1303 3D is a remake of the Japanese horror movie of the same name, and is the first independent horror movie to see a 3D theatrical release. The movie is already available on VOD services and starts its limited theatrical run this week, and we were offered the opportunity to interview Julianne Michelle. Continue reading to learn about her time on set, her love of horror movies, and what's next: 041b061a72


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