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Street Fighter V Arcade Editio...

The game continues to look lovely, too. While Street Fighter 5 doesn't have the immediately-appealing hyper-stylised graphics of Street Fighter 4, its character animation work is unparalleled for the genre. There are loads of flourishes that combine to make each character move beautifully. Sakura is a fantastic example of a character who looks pretty unremarkable at first glance - she's a plucky Japanese woman who works in an arcade and wears nondescript clothes - but study the way she moves and you see Capcom has expertly crafted a wonderfully fluid fighter.

Street Fighter V Arcade Editio...

At launch, you could play sixteen short character stories in order to unlock costumes to buy a month later when the in-game store opened, mess around and craft combos in training mode, and test your skills in survival mode. And that was pretty much it; there was no arcade mode, which is pretty shocking seeing how that mode was usually the one thing you could rely on most fighters to have. 041b061a72


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