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Angel Howard

What is Taurat and Why Should You Read it in Bangla Pdf 224?

the taurat is a specific book (like the quran). it does not imply it is from the quran but only that it is a part of the quran. the quran is the sunnah and the taurat is a part of the sunnah. we need to understand that they are like the books of a library. you can read them, say the salat (prayer) and give it a value and say, oh my god, this book is worth a million dollars. but you need to understand their importance. just as we do not neglect our children, so we need to read the books.

Taurat In Bangla Pdf 224

this tells us that this is a book to guide the people. it is a book that shows us how to treat our children, so allah gave us a taurat that teaches us how to treat the children of adam. it is not a religious book. it is a guidance. we need to understand that. we need to do this.

allah has given us a book, the quran, and a book that will guide us. so there are two parts to the quran. the part that gives the religious instruction, and this is the quran. and there is the other part, which is the taurat. it is important to understand that the taurat is like a cookbook. it is a separate part of the quran. it is a guide for the people, but it is not a religious book.

this verse is very important. allah has said that his word is that the taurat is given on the inanimate (non living) thing. it is not the quran. so the taurat is not the quran, nor is it a religious book. it is a guide, a cookbook, a book that tells us how to feed our children. allah has given this book on the inanimate. we must remember that allah does not want us to look at the inanimate. allah wants us to look at the living things.


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